Your partner for custom made plastic parts and solutions
VariousVarious - Inno-Plast
Valve seatsValve seats - Inno-Plast
Back up ringsBack up rings - Inno-Plast
BushingsBushings - Inno-Plast
WashersWashers - Inno-Plast
Chevron ringsChevron rings - Inno-Plast
PTFE EnvelopesPTFE Envelopes - Inno-Plast
Machined bellowsMachined bellows - Inno-Plast
Wear partsWear parts - Inno-Plast
Bottle grippersBottle grippers - Inno-Plast
ScrewsScrews - Inno-Plast
BoltsBolts - Inno-Plast
BearingsBearings - Inno-Plast
Compressor componentsCompressor components - Inno-Plast
Pump componentsPump components - Inno-Plast
SealsSeals - Inno-Plast
O-ringsO-rings - Inno-Plast
Guiding elementsGuiding elements - Inno-Plast
NozzlesNozzles - Inno-Plast
InsulatorsInsulators - Inno-Plast
BallsBalls - Inno-Plast


Since 1989 we have a tradition in supplying prototypes in short notice but also large series with stringent quality requirements.

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Our goal is to provide our customers with quality products that reduce the life cycle costs and improve productivity.

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Our company complies to the highest standards of quality control, we are ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certified.

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Your partner for custom made plastic parts and solutions