ISO-9001 & EN-9100

Thanks to our great quality system we are able to maintain both our NF-EN-9100 / AS-9100 and ISO-9001 certificate and continue to make high end plastic parts, even for the most demanding industries. for more information involving our quality system, do not hesitate to contact us!


Plastics surviving temperatures over 370°C ? Yes they can, just watch the video


FDA-approved materials

In need of a plastic solution in a Food and beverage processing environment? Please check our "Foodsafe Materials" flyer for a quick summary of the FDA-approved materials we machine and supply.


SPC & Measurlink

We continuously strive to improve our quality system. for that reason, we now use the statistical process control (SPC) software "Measurlink" by Mitutoyo. This cutting edge software will be used in both our production and final inspection to guarantee the quality of our products.


Inno-Plast NV can process both small and large orders successfully without reducing the overall quality of our products.