• Highest standards of quality control
  • Climatised quality control lab (temperature & humidity)
  • First article inspection
  • CMM inspection
  • Inspection report on demand including Cpk measurements if required
  • Material certificates on demand
  • Statistical process control
  • 100% dimensional control on demand
  • Production process with full tracebility
  • Continuous improvement spirit
  • Our quality measurement systems and equipment have capability of several micron accuracy to provide the highest levels of quality control.
  • ISO-9001 certified since 1999
  • EN-9100 certified since 2016 (aerospace standard)


We are constantly monitoring the performance of the production and every production batch is statistically proofed by our quality department.

We have the capability to control the quality of the parts at an extremely high level and can guarantee tight tolerances (such as +/- 5 micron) on production batches as big as 50.000 pieces. If needed we can apply statistical process control (SPC) or even control specific dimensions 100%.

In order to supply our customers high quality products we have been ISO-9001 certified since 1999 and have achieved our EN-9100 certification in 2016 (Aerospace standard). Both quality norms in conjunction with our experienced staff enable us to guard our quality performance at an extreme level.

If you are in need of a supplier to support your quality performance, feel free to get in touch with us.

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